WhatsApp Business API

Connect with 2 billion people using WhatsApp Business API and benefit from endless opportunities.

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With WhatsApp business API from taqnyat you can Start the conversation and provide world-class mobile customer experiences with limitless potential on the most popular messaging channel. Benefit from this channel to create fully automated meaningful conversations, answer your customer's inquiries, drive online sales with minimum human interaction.


End-to-end encryption

Session management

Advanced validation and alert mechanism

Sync and Async response


Fall back

Business dashboards

Build customized reports

Follow your customers on WhatsApp Business API

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Frequently Asked Questions

if a number is already bound to a regular WhatsApp account you have to delete the regular account, then it can be used for Business.

The simple answer is yes, you can send documents, Video, Location (Early Access), and many more, but there is a limitation on the file size. to know more visit our link

Unfortunately, It's paid service from WhatsApp regarding the normal WhatsApp application.
The API is associated with costs such as hosting fees, support, and conversation fees as specified by Meta and WhatsApp. It is worth noting that the first 1000 conversations per month are free and after that, the conversation fees are applied based on Meta’s rate cards.

META doesn't sell the service directly to the customers, The WhatsApp Business API is only available through Verified Service Providers.

portal.taqnyat.com is the right place to access your WhatsApp information, start campaigns, as well as you can export your campaign report, and see your sent messages

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